March 27th, 2011, 4:44 pm


Hold on


All right I decided I'll put a hold on TCR for a bit. I'm going to focus more on my schoolwork and I'm playing games and hanging with friends in my freetime to destress, rather than do more work. Not saying working on the comic isn't fun, but it is a process that takes a lot of effort and concentration; things I don't usually have after I get home from classes and finish my homework, hurr. I know I started the comic during school but it was during a period where I had light work, but damn did it pick up fast. I will continue work when it lightens up, which probably won't be until the semester is over. :P But that's not too bad, semester ends end of April, so that's just a few weeks. When the semester ends I'll update with more news.

Anyways, sorry about this. Should've known it would've happened. >< But right now I want to focus on school and on unwinding when I'm not working. Hope everyone is chill with that. :>